Solvent Red 23 (85-86-9)


Product name    :  Solvent Red 23;

CAS Number      :  85-86-9;

Formula               :C22H16N4O;

Molecular Mass:352.39;

Synonyms           :SUDAN;redzh;c.i.23;AKA225;RED 17;SUDAN 3;SUDAN G;OIL RED;fatredr;Sudan Ⅲ


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Description :

Sudan III is a lysochrome (fat-soluble dye) diazo dye.;;;

Storage :Flammable, decomposes toxic nitrogen oxide gas when burning;

Product Usage :Biological stains, such as fat and similar substances. It can be used for a variety of resin coloring purposes. Mixed dyes of fat and its analogues. Sudan III can be replaced by Oil Red O.
Calibration instruments and devices; evaluation methods; working standards; quality assurance/quality control; others. Category toxic substances;

Material :null;


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