Product name    :  Rhodamine B

CAS Number      :  81-88-9

Formula               :C28H31ClN2O3

Molecular Mass:479.01

Synonyms           :CI749,AKA213; AKA214; C.I.749; 11411Red; C.I. 749; Redno213; CI 45170; Pilot578; 11411 Red



Description :

Rhodamine B is a staining fluorescent dye, commonly used for dyeing textiles, paper, soap, leather, and drugs.

Storage :H302-H318-H412

Product Usage :

This product is used for dyeing paper, acrylic, silk, leather, feathers, and can be used for food and certain metal analysis reagents. It can be used as an adsorption indicator and biological dyeing agent. It can be used for dyeing paper, paint, acrylic and wood products. the study

Material :3-Diethylaminophenol, Sulfonated Castor Oil


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