Naphthol AS (92-77-3)


Product name    :  Naphthol AS;

CAS Number      :  92-77-3;

Formula               :C17H13NO2;

Molecular Mass:263.29;

Synonyms           :azotola;CI 37505;celcotrf;diatholas;naftolomm;naphtolas;Azoic CC2;c.i. 37560;NAPTHOL AS;amartholas


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Description :

beige powder;;;

Storage :P261, P264, P270, P271, P272, P273, P280, P301 P312, P302 P352, P304 P312, P304 P340, P305 P351 P338, P312, P321, P330, P332 P313, P333 P313, P337 P313, P362, P363, P391, P403 P233, P405, P501;

Product Usage :It is widely used as a primer for dyeing and printing cotton fabrics. For example, it is yellow when coupled with a yellow base GC, orange when coupled with an orange base GC, red when coupled with a large red base RC or red base KB, and is coupled with a large red base G It is the national flag red, coupled with blue base VB or blue base BB to blue, coupled with red base RC to sauce red, and coupled with maroon base GBC to date red. It can also be used to make fast pigment dyes and organic pigments.;

Material :Chlorobenzene,
3-Hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid,
Phosphorus Trichloride,
3-Acetoxy-2-naphthoic acid,
Soda Ash,

Raw Material :PigmentRed22


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