Direct Yellow 12 (2870-32-8)


Product name    :  Direct Yellow 12;

CAS Number      :  2870-32-8;

Formula               :C30H26N4Na2O8S2;

Molecular Mass:680.659;

Synonyms           :CI24895; Directyellowg; Chrysophenine; Directyellowgx; Chrysophenineg; Chrysophening; Pyrazolyellow; Chrysopheninns; Directyellow12; Benzolyellowlg


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Description :

orange crystalline powder;;;

Storage :No info;

Product Usage :Direct Brilliant Yellow 4R is used for dyeing cotton and viscose fiber fabrics. It is red light yellow. It has good migration and level dyeing properties, high dye uptake, and has certain hiding power for dead cotton fibers and uneven viscose. For cotton fabrics, it is mostly used for the dyeing and printing of knitwear, flannel, and carpets, and is less used for cotton fabrics. High dye uptake rate of dyed rich fiber. It is also used for the dyeing of silk, wool, vinylon, nylon and blended fabrics. The color depth of silk, wool and cotton and viscose is similar, and the color of wool is slightly darker. Diacetate, polyester and acrylic are not stained. It can also be used for direct printing and ground color discharge of cotton, viscose and silk fabrics. In addition to being used alone, it is often used in combination with direct green B, direct dark green B, and direct acid-resistant scarlet 4BS. Used for the dyeing of cotton, linen, viscose and other fabrics, and for the dyeing of leather and pulp. It can dye silk and wool in a weak acid bath;

Material :Chloroethane,
Benzoic Acid,
Soda Ash,
Benzoic acid, 3-chloro-4-[(2-chloroacetyl)amino]-,
Disulfuric Acid,
Sulfuric Acid,
Sodium Nitrite;



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