Auramineo (2465-27-2)


Product name    :  Auramineo;

CAS Number      :  2465-27-2;

Formula               :C17H22ClN3;

Molecular Mass:303.83;

Synonyms           :Auramin; Auamine; Auramine; CI41000; Auraminen; Auranmine; Conc.Sfa; Pykotannin; Auramineo; Auraminen


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Description :

yellow powder Auramine is a yellow crystalline powder orflaky material.;;;

Storage :H302-H311-H351;

Product Usage :Used for cellulose acetate, mordant cotton, but low fastness, bright color, can be used to make green or red, etc. It can also be used for dyeing leather, paper, linen and viscose. Alkaline could be used to color oil, fat, paint, etc. Lake can also be prepared for ink. It is mainly used for fluorescent staining of acid-resistant bacteria such as tuberculosis. After staining with the fluorescent dye AuramineO, the acid-fast bacteria will emit a bright orange color when inspected with a fluorescent microscope containing an ultraviolet light source. This method can be used for lower magnification microscopy, so acid-resistant bacteria can be found more quickly.;

Material :Sulfanilic acid,


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