Acid Orange 7 (633-96-5)


Product name    :  Acid Orange 7;

CAS Number      :  633-96-5;

Formula               :C16H11N2NaO4S;

Molecular Mass:350.32;

Synonyms           :ORANGE1;CI 4600;OrangeⅡ;ORANGE I;orangeya;orangeyz;CI 14600;ORANGE 4;Orange 7;orangeiic


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Description :

Orange-red powder;;;

Storage :H315-H319-H335;

Product Usage :Mainly used for dyeing silk and wool fabrics, but also for dyeing leather and paper. Nylon can be dyed in formic acid bath. This product can be directly printed on wool, silk and nylon, and can also be used as indicator agent and biological coloring. Acid-base indicator, pH change range 7.4 (amber) ~ 8.6 (orange); 10.2 (orange) ~ 11.8 (red); extraction and photometric determination of cationic surfactants; biological stains;

Material :Beta Naphthol,
Sulfanilic acid,
Sulfonated Castor Oil,
Sodium sulfate,
Sodium Chloride,
4-Aminobenzenesulfonic acid, monosodium salt;


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