• Product Name:N-Propanol
  • CAS No.:71-23-8
  • Molecular Formula:C3H8O
  • Molecular Weight:60.09500
  • Price valid (until):2017-03-13


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  • Product Name:N-Propanol
  • Other Name:1-Propanol;Alcohol, Propyl;n-Propanol;Propanol;Propyl Alcohol;Propan-1-ol
  • CAS No.:71-23-8
  • Appearance:N-propanol appears as a clear colorless liquid with a sharp musty odor like rubbing alcohol. Flash point 53-77°F. Autoignites at 700°F. Vapors are heavier than air and mildly irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. Density approximately 6.5 lb / gal. Used in making cosmetics, skin and hair preparations, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, lacquer formulations, dye solutions, antifreezes, rubbing alcohols, soaps, window cleaners, acetone and other chemicals and products.
  • UN No.:1274
  • LogP:0.38870
  • Molecular Formula:C3H8O
  • PSA:20.23000
  • Molecular Weight:60.09500
  • Exact Mass:60.05750
  • EINECS:200-746-9
  • H-bond Acceptor:1
  • H-bond Donor:1
  • Categories:Alcohols, Phenols, Phenol Alcohols


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