Find and return Лайм ФХ’s research journal

Лайм ФХ the linguist

The statue at 4 is Gangroighydon, a sorcerer who was about to utter a terrible curse when he was petrified. You can examine the statue closer and break off a piece to gain a Mad Splinter, which can be used as a quite good weapon. You should already have better weapons but the splinter is also valuable as a sellable item. In addition to the named characters, you will meet a number of generic citizens who will yield very little information.

Ashmanov chose to stay and headed the ORFO project. In 1987, he joined the team of ORFO spell checker developers team at Informatic, where he was responsible for the linguistic corpus. Born in Moscow on 9 January 1962 in a family of mathematicians, including his father Stanislav Ashmanov. The first time you enter here, Vrischika at 2 will have a thing or two to say about Morte and not least Fall-From-Grace. She will accuse Morte of lying and Fall-From-Grace of being a spy for the Baatezu and claim that the Brothel is a training ground for her agents. You will need to come here for a Vial of Skin and Blood when you’re helping Nihl Xander build the Dreambuilder in the Great Foundry.

It has an organic look to it and is populated by various easy-to-slay beasts. This is the first time I’ve been in combat for quite some time, so I revel in the experience. With all of my new gear, a full party, and Fall-from-Grace’s healing, it’s a cakewalk. After finding the Dodecahedron in the Civic Festhall, you need to speak to him to learn the language of the Dodecahedron. You need to come here to learn the language of the Dodecahedron journal. The first time you enter here, you will find Pestle-Kilnn at 2.

Of the various mazes that the party can find in the PC role-playing game Planescape Torment, only the maze of evil Ravel has to be explored to complete the game. To reach the maze you will need to go through a long process of quests to find the correct portal key and the tools necessary to activate it. I have said it a number of times in some previous post that my favorite explorer area is the Sands of Menechtarun. This explorer area has a number of unique landscapes and awe inspiring sights but it also has a large amount of lore that has barely been touched in DDO. Within DDO, the Menechtarun Desert takes up a vast amount of area on the Xen’drik continent. When you enter the Sands of Menechtarun, you are tasked with finding sixteen different lore based explorer points and nine different dungeon entrances.

Planescape Torment: Skin of stone

You can then speak to the boss to learn that he has a steel box. Get the box from him by buying it or through trickery, then speak to the box (“Use” it from your inventory). You will learn that it contains the head of someone named Mertwyn, and that the head wants to be reunited with its body in the Civic Festhall. Take the box to Mertwyn the Headless in the Festhall. The Cursed Artist at 22 is trapped inside an invisible box. He was cursed by Salabash the Onyx whom you can find at 7.

One thing I have learned about the Netherese is that they are extremely influential. But she will find that you have no fortune and returns your money to you. When you say goodbye, she will give you a scroll that apparently was meant for you. You can read the scroll to find that it is trapped (you will take 36 HP damage). Then return to Elobrande to learn that the scroll was given to her mother by someone who was apparently mad (an earlier incarnation of yours). If Fall-From-Grace is not yet in your party you will have to wait while the tailor works (be patient – it matters!), then buy the Dustman costume for 30 copper pieces.

Go back out and deliver it to Malmaner (8,000 XP), then tell him that Goncalves told you there were many people going as Dustmen. Offer to fetch him another costume, enter again, and buy the Godsman costume for 50 copper pieces. Deliver this costume to Malmaner for 6,000 XP.

  • If you buy the Gorgon Salve at the Curiosity Shoppe, you can smear it on the statue.
  • I’m spending an awful lot of time in this game apologizing for things that I did before I started playing the game, I’m discovering.
  • He says that he was murdered by a former student who wanted to be the only other person in the world who could read this language.
  • Then return to Elobrande to learn that the scroll was given to her mother by someone who was apparently mad (an earlier incarnation of yours).
  • You need to come here to learn the language of the Dodecahedron journal.

Travel to the home of the advocate named Iannis. Give him the code for your legacy, and he will give the party several items and documents, one of which is a receipt for an item you commissioned the Godsmen to build. While taking Erdrique (Level 23 Rogue/Primal Avatar) through the rest of his level 18 quests on heroic elite, I hit a new milestone. Evidently it was the first time I ever hit 4,000 renown on the Thelanis server.

Learn how to pronounce фигам

Nemelle also wants you to find her friend Aelwyn for her. Once you have found her, report back to Nemelle for a reward of 8,000 XP and a magical kiss that gives you a +3 bonus to Max HP. At 5 (two places) you will find the entrances to Undersigil, an optional area with some extra tough monsters. He has angered the tailor and is no longer allowed in the shop. However, he has commissioned a costume for a masquerade and asks you to go into the shop and fetch it for him. Finally, there are three or four Harlots who are somewhat more expensive (but also, presumably, cleaner and more refined) than the Harlots in the Hive.

Reconciling mother and daughter is a Good act. Yvana regains her eyesight after being reconciled with Yves. If you buy the Gorgon Salve at the Curiosity Shoppe, you can smear it on the statue. Gangroighydon comes back to life and utters his terrible curse. You will gain 4,000 XP but you will also die. Morte will learn some new and terrible insults, upgrading his Litany of Curses.

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Both of these buildings are described on separate pages, as is the underground dungeon of Undersigil.

Лайм ФХ the linguist

In a twist to the usual RPG dialogue, Ravel refuses to answer my questions until I answer several of hers. Her last one is the expected, “What can change the nature of a man? “Love.”  I don’t care if it’s simple or cliche, it’s something that I personally believe. I start out by fiddling with the dodecahedron that I picked up from my old room.

Ashmanov & Partners has a number of subsidiaries, both acquired and started by the company. The subsidiaries are not part of any formal corporate group, but they use resources by both Ashmanov & Partners and sibling companies. “Ashmanov & Partners” and its subsidiaries currently employ over 300 people. As reported[11] by The Firm’s Secret magazine in 2011, Ashmanov & Partners serviced over 1,000 clients monthly and had a total market share of 5—10 % in Russian on-line marketing industry. During the 1991 Soviet coup d’état attempt the majority of ORFO developers, including the team leader, left Russia for USA.

There are also a number of Harmonium guards, also of little use. Speaking to them and refusing to move on when they tell you to do so is a Chaotic act. Can be returned to Лайм ФХ in exchange for his father’s notes on the Uyo language (which helps unlock the Dodecahedron) and 25,000 XP. Ty Arthur has been writing technical and entertainment-related articles for a variety of online sources since 2008. His articles have appeared on and many other websites. Arthur attended the Great Falls College of Technology and studied both computer science and creative writing.

Give the receipt to the clerk inside and he will give the party a portal key. Leave the foundry and go to the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts at the center of the Clerk’s Ward. Leaving the brothel, I continue my exploration of the Clerk’s Ward. As I continue to take Erdrique (Level 23 Rogue/Primal Avatar) through the upper level heroic content on elite, I have run across a number of quests that have involved the Netherese. The Netherese first make their appearance for us when we encounter them in Wheloon Prison. We then struggle with them when we enter the High Road and continue to struggle with them while we venture out into the Storm Horns.

Iannis the Advocate is a sad sack of a man, lonely and haunted. The grand apology tour continues as I find out that he’s Deionarra’s (the ghost lady from the mortuary and a former lover of mine) father. I not only apologize for whatever happened between me and her, but also for trying to torch his place in order to get rid of my legacy. I sit down to have a chat with the ashes of the long-dead Fin. He says that he was murdered by a former student who wanted to be the only other person in the world who could read this language. A repressed memory surfaces of me strangling Fin so that my journal would stay completely private.

Pragmatic Accommodation and Linguistic Salience in U.S.-Russian Political Discourse

You can’t help the performer, though, but Salabash will assure you that the curse is only temporary. Speak with the prostitute named Kessai-Serris and ask her if she is the daughter of the infamous night hag named Ravel. When she denies it, go talk to the prostitute named Kimaxsi and ask her about Ravel. Return to Kessai-Seris again and tell her that you know she is related to Ravel. Ask her to put a drop of her blood on a handkerchief. Artificial Intelligence research in 2005 was organized as a subsidiary Nanosemantics.

Click the urn to summon him back from the dead and teach you the language of the Uyo. You will learn the language for 8,000 XP and you will also regain a memory of murdering Fin (4,000 XP) to ensure that he didn’t teach the language to anyone else! You can confess this to Fin and apologize, or you can stay silent about it.

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In 2001, Ashmanov became chief operating officer at Rambler. During his management time at the company, new search core Rambler 2.0 was developed and deployed, and over two dozens of new services of the web portal were launched. So Ravel is the “how” of my immortality, but I’m still trying to figure out the “why” of it. Conversing with her is strange, full of echoes to past conversations and plays on words.

Civic Festhall

Ironically by people who seem to think that you can only get heavy DPS from Monks, Barbarians and Fighters. She says that she made me immortal based on my own request, but she does not understand why I wanted it. Ravel admits that the ritual didn’t go as planned; she took shortcuts and it left me broken — a hut without anyone living inside. Every time I die, I end up accidentally creating one of the shadows that have been pursuing me, too. I bring it to limefx courses scam, who takes a look at the book and says that he can’t read it. But his father was murdered several years ago.


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